How can we help you?

Over the years we have certainly completed many different types of bespoke joinery projects for our customers.

Ideas generally start off in our customers heads as an idea and then develop into either visions or sketches and that’s when they find their way to us. 

Most of our projects are reasonably standard (for us) but every now and again a customer’s idea comes along to test us and that’s where we enjoy it most so don’t hold back!

Whether you require something as simple as a new garden gate or as different as an illuminated drinks bar that can be maneuvered to suit changing venues, Petersfield Carpenters can make them a reality.

So, if you have an idea on how to improve your home or business with bespoke joinery projects then why not give us a quick call and we can certainly help you bring those great ideas to life. 



Bespoke Joinery – Bringing your ideas to life

We generally carry out a lot of the development and construction of the projects in our workshop as it is supported by some of the latest machinery. Using our site drawings we can then decide the best way forward to turn your ideas into finished projects utilising our various tools and techniques.

Please feel free to take a look at some of our projects in the gallery below. If you would like to see a larger image then please just click on it.