How can we help you?

When it comes to bookcases, we have certainly designed and completed all shapes and sizes of projects to suit our customer requirements.

The bookcases are pretty much always bespoke as they are dictated by the shape and size of the building fabric and where the furniture is to be fitted. We usually start with a few sketches and pictures of previous projects that we have undertaken. Alternatively, you can just tell us what you would like and Petersfield Carpenters will do their very best to tailor it into the available space.

Whatever your ideas, we’re certain we can find a solution that works. Bookcases are one of the most popular types of work for us as this type of work immediately transforms those spaces in practical and great looking areas.

If you enjoy reading which most people do, then you would certainly enjoy looking at a beautifully made bookcase / dresser by Petersfield Carpenters.

Obviously a bespoke bookcase is a great way to store your books but one thing is certain, a bespoke bookcase or dresser will transform any room you choose to place them in.
The secret is to make them look like they’ve always been there, that is where we come in.

Long live the bookcase … say no to kindles!                                         “Equally your kindle would look great on the top of your dresser.”



Bookcases – Bringing your ideas to life

We generally carry out a lot of the development and construction of the projects in our workshop as it is supported by some of the latest machinery. Using our site drawings we can then decide the best way forward to turn your ideas into finished projects utilising our various tools and techniques.

Please feel free to take a look at some of our previous bookcases in the gallery below. If you would like to see a larger image then please just click on it.